Planet Elsewhere

The tragedy of science: Paul Magee’s Planet Elsewhere at the Exeter Phoenix

Planet Elsewhere

Planet Elsewhere, Paul Magee‘s Exeter Phoenix Digital Art Commission exhibition exploring a passion for science – which he has apparently turned into a tragic hero – is at the Exeter Phoenix.

Working across sculpture, installation and sound, Paul investigates methods of looking out into space, in at our own DNA and around at the urban environments we live in.

“I love science,” says Paul. “The big ideas, the big questions: time, space, consciousness, Grand Theories of This, That and The Other.”

But there’s one problem.

Paul says: “She has one imperfection, however, that I find irresistible. At her heart is an exquisite paradox: her truth is built on scepticism – on and of doubt – and can only ever be theory, never fact.”

Pop along to the Exeter Phoenix for Paul Magee’s Planet Elsewhere, which runs from Friday, November 18 to Wednesday, December 21. Free.

Eyeopener Discussion: Wednesday, November 30. 10.45am Free. An informal tour and discussion of the current Phoenix Gallery exhibition Planet Elsewhere, giving you the opportunity to ask questions, express your opinions and explore art with others.

There’s an Artist Talk on Saturday, December 3 at 2.30pm. Free: An open talk about the current Phoenix Gallery exhibition ‘Planet Elsewhere’ by the artist behind the work