Encounters Shop at the Dartington Gallery aims to stimulate community exchange

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The Dartington Hall Trust has commissioned a participatory arts company Encounters to host a project at Dartington that explores how change and transition can affect and potentially transform individuals and communities.

The project is based in the old grocery shop – now The Gallery – on the Dartington estate. The Encounters ‘Shop’ is intended to provide a friendly and informal space for Dartington staff, visitors and the local community to share their thoughts about Dartington’s past, present and future.

Encounters specialises in working with communities at times of transformational change and this will be the seventh ‘shop’ space that the company has set up across the UK since 2003.

Encounters creative director, Ruth Ben-Tovim, told Artsculture: “We’re temporarily returning The Gallery at the heart of the estate to its original function as a ‘shop’. However, rather than money and goods exchanging hands, the shop has become a space for the exchange of dialogue, memories, stories, experiences and ideas about Dartington – and a way for the community to come together in that exchange.

“The Encounters Shop will be open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11am to 5pm (7pm on Wednesdays) until April 18  for people to drop in. There will also be a mobile version of the ‘shop’ that will visit different community groups and local events. The outcome of the Encounters project will be a living installation built around the contributions and stories of those who have taken part.”