Let It All Unravel

Get crafty and animated at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery for Animated Exeter

Let It All Unravel

The Thelma Hulbert Gallery has joined forces with Animated Exeter for an unusual, entertaining exhibition which promises to unravel the boundaries between craft and animation.

A public participation artwork will be constructed and filmed during the Crafty Animators, show which is running and the resulting animated short will be shown as part of the festival on Saturday, February 26.

Crafty Animators at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery runs until March 5 and features animations which are linked by the broad theme of craft. Skills such as knitting, lace-making and clay throwing have all played their part in some of well-known animated shorts. It’s even been known to work the other way, with crafts people using animation to create stunning and intriguing contemporary pieces.

Visitors of all ages will be able to get crafty themselves at the gallery during the exhibition by participating in an ever evolving stop motion film being made in The Special Projects Room, which is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces during the bleakest part of the year.

A free family animation workshop is planned for Wednesday, February 23. The gallery also has Catherine Cartwirght from Double Elephant as an Artist in Residence during February and you can pop along to see her turn her prints into animation.