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Rehearsal Mayflower Steps Weds 17th June

Stephan emailled me on Sunday night asking for at least four large boats to be ready for today! Felt a bit panicked as I was thinking I had until Friday’s dress rehearsal, and I was teaching all day Monday and Tuesday.

So I have burnt the midnight oil, refining the net, gluing sheets of card together to reinforce them, weighing them down all around the house, then clamping the sides together, bolting  the front sections and finally waterproofing the undersides with melted batik wax.

Monsoon- like down pours of rain as soon as I got onto the motorway, accompanied by frequent and insistent ringing of my mobile. Pulled off at Ashburton into a lay by – change of plans due to dreadful weather, rehearsal at Mayflower Steps cancelled. Instead I needed to deliver the boats to the dance studios at Plymouth university, where the rehearsal would now take place. Nowhere to park, security everywhere due to open day for prospective students and ongoing building work.

Fortunately Lara was waiting for me by the gates and ferried the boats one by one to the studios – they doubled up nicely as umbrellas when carried keel side up!