Peter Randall-Page: talk at Dartington; major exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Artist and sculptor Peter Randall-Page will give a talk at Dartington’s Upper Gatehouse on Thursday, Decmeber 3 at 7.30pm. We have a review of his major exhibition in and around the Underground Gallery has just opened at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, this ambitious show of mainly new work features over 50 sculptures as well as drawings and prints.

The highlight, were the two massive Kilkenny limestone sculptures, Fructus and Corpus which dominate the first gallery. Viewed solely by natural light filtering in from the back of the room these carvings are first seen in silhouette and, like a strip tease, one gets led in, looking for more. While incredibly sensual there is also a hint of a darker side, fruit ripened to the point of spoiling and body innards, cerebral or guts? More intriguingly is the question raised by the fact that the doorway is much smaller than the sculptures…

There is also the rare opportunity to see Peter Randall-Page’s sketchbooks and preliminary maquettes that give a real insight to the process.

The exhibition continues until the end of January 2010.

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