The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow, and it all happens in Plymouth as performance and live symposium

In January, Plymouth Arts Centre and Marina Abramović will present six new live performances, based on ‘the preservation of performance art’, which will set the premise for the Marina’s institute – the Institute for Preservation of Performance Art.

Marina told Arts+Culture: “For me, the Plymouth event is important because it is the first time an event addresses and presents the idea of the Marina Abramović Institute, which is still in its opening phase and preparations. This is the first time that publically I am presenting ideas about this project and to me it has a historical significance.”

Durational performance has been the defining aspect of Marina Abramović’s work for the past 40 years – which is quite a duration. Themes of legacy and cross-generational concern underpins this exhibition and live art symposium.

Plymouth Arts Centre is working with publisher Prestel to produce Marina Abramović and the Future of Performance Art, edited by Paula Orrell.

This book on the latest in contemporary performance art features the work of Marina and showcases 18 emerging artists. The project explores the diversity of contemporary performance art through the works of exciting new artists from around the world.

Listen to Marina Abramović talk to Paula Orrell of Plymouth Arts Centre (and find out what the title The Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow, is all about, and why Plymouth is perfect for the event).