Uncharted Waters – Sara and Graham Gilbert at Chelston Gallery, Torquay

Uncharted Waters, is an exhibition of paintings and photography which focuses on the natural world – especially the sea and coast – from the Totnes, Devon, artists Sara and Graham Gilbert. The exhibition opens at the Chelston Gallery, Torquay, on Friday, October 9.

Graham’s work focuses on the detail and hidden natural world, and Sara’s paintings give a sense of movement and energy on a larger scale. Although their ways of working are different their work often overlaps.

There is a gestural approach to Sara’s work that lends itself well to mark-making on a large scale. Standing over a canvas rather than placing it on an easel eliminates the need for a horizon and makes the painting have an ‘all over’ quality to it. Large gestures with big brushes or small flicking gestures or simply letting the paint drip combine to capture the energy or flow of a place.

“I use technology to enhance what is already there,” Graham told Arts+Culture.

“Sometimes I add to the picture by using natural objects. The results can be mysterious, vibrant, challenging and, sometimes, weird! The natural world is full of surprises and discovering them is only limited by our powers of observation. There is so much more to see than meets the eye and this is what I try to discover and capture in my work.”

“This is our first exhibition in Torquay. We first began showing our work together in 2007, the year we were married.

Uncharted Waters at Chelston Gallery, Torquay runs from Friday, October 9 to Wednesday, November 4.

• Chelston Gallery is open Tuesday to  Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturday 10am-3pm

(Image: Wave Curl by Sara Gilbert)

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