Nicholas Dietrich

Abstract, still life and ambiguity: Nicholas Dietrich at the Exeter Phoenix

‘I am interested in the ambiguity of the painted image,’ says Nicholas Dietrich on his website. His paintings will be on show at the Exeter Phoenix Cafe Bar Gallery.

Scrolling through the images of his paintings on his site you have the feeling of some crazy workshop. As if behind the static images there are scientists of the past at work plotting the future.

But judging from the graphical works that are empty, it’s a future that has yet to be full-filled – or sufficiently plotted.

In his statement Nicholas talks about how the images are ‘humble badges, modestly addressing what they are hopelessly unable to present’, in a post-industrial crisis world.

The grid work on the other hand display no data and suggest ‘a window, network, digital space or an object’.

Nicholas Dietrich’s exhibition Network/Fence/Cage is at the Exeter Phoenix Cafe Bar Gallery from Tuesday, March 17 to Saturday, April 18, 2015.