Dave Green exhibition

Dave Green constructed images exhibition as part of Appledore arts fest

Dave Green exhibition

North Devon photographer Dave Green is holding an exhibition as part of the Appledore Visual Arts Festival at the tea and coffee shop Schooners, Market Stree, Appledore, on Thursday, June 3 and Sunday, June 6.

The special exhibition will be of constructed photographs from the interior of North Devon coast’s caves.

Dave talks about the development of his constructed images on his site. He says: “I see the world in wide-angle, I notice what is going on in the periphery. You can’t put truth in a box, or put a neat fence around it, or confine it to a fraction of a second.

“I explore the whole and if there is too much to submit to memory, too much to contemplate or explain I’ll explore the hole; just a part of it in great detail; a beach, a clearing in the forest, a City street corner, a cave.”

Dave will also be running a workshop on camera-less photography during the festival on Saturday, June 5.