Wires and Pins, Wall of Sound

Drop Me A Line: visual, auditory and community responses inspire at Thelma Hulbert Gallery

An interactive exhibition is coming to Thelma Hulbert Gallery (THG), Honiton, Devon, which promises to stimulate both the visual and auditory senses of visitors.

Michael Fairfax is a Somerset-based artist, largely involved with public art throughout Britain and around the world. He will transform the main gallery at THG by stringing piano wires across the gallery space creating an installation, which can be played (plucked or bowed) and then recorded by visitors.

Michael told ArtsCulture: “Visitors will be able to listen to the sound produced by placing wooden listening devices against the walls as the strings are plucked or bowed. They will also hear a quieter acoustic sound in the rooms.

“People will be asked to record themselves and other people playing and send me sound files, which I will collate into a CD for the second phase of the exhibition.”

Upstairs, interpretations of ‘lines’ on paper created by 65 artists from an open call out will be included in a book work alongside a room of artist Louise Baker’s own lines on paper. There will be 1,000 pen and ink observations based on her sketches made on a variety of journeys.

Lines from Louise Baker
Lines from Louise Baker

Drop Me A Line – Part I (28 March – 16 May 2015)
Free admission but donations welcomed. All donations help to support the THG learning and exhibition programme.

Part II of this exhibition (23 May-20 June 2015) will feature the community response to the work of Michael Fairfax and Louise Baker, created by visitors, schools and groups.


(from a press release)