detail of 24 hour party painting, 2013, by Kit Poulson

Kit Poulson’s The Guests at The Gallery, Plymouth College of Art: South West Showcase

Kit Poulson‘s latest exhibition The Guests, which seems like a celebration of the unexpected attraction of odd bods, is at The Gallery, Plymouth College of Art.

The blurb for the show on The Gallery site begins:

“You know that table at a wedding where all the difficult to place get put, the awkward squad, the odd bods and the distant, the disapproved of…? Invited, but now how do they all get on together? Then they get talking and all sorts of things begin to emerge.”

As people who tend to populate such tables – and not only at weddings – it’s an intriguing concept, which could be uplifting or alienating, depending on the company. (The atmosphere at The Gallery has always top-notch, btw.)

The Guests should offer a slightly skewed insight, if Kit’s own insights are anything to go by, which considers art in terms of eating and ice cream, or thinking of a painting as a slow image (see his Axisweb profile). In fact he’s published a book called The Ice Cream Empire.

Although he’s worked in plenty of media, and often collaborates, Kit usually describes himself as a painter.

The show is Part One of The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art’s South West Showcase ‘a recurring, biannual open call platform, showcasing artists from across the South West region’.

South West Showcase Part One – Kit Poulson ‘The Guests’ solo show at The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art is free and open to the public. The times are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm, closed Sunday. And The Guests runs to February 14, 2015.


(image: detail of 24 hour party painting, 2013, by Kit Poulson)