Plymouth Arts Centre seeks Artist Operatives for Control Point artist-led exhibition

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The artist led Control Point exhibition at Plymouth Arts Centre, curated by artists Sovay Berriman and Steven Paige, needs Plymouth-based artists as Operative to research and gather material through residences, visits, hosting and correspondence.

The exhibition, which runs from Saturday, November 21 to Sunday, January 10, includes information from artist-led organisations including Royal Standard, Spike Associates, Back Lane West, X-Panel, The Western Alliance, Low Profile, View Point Gallery, Performance Re-Enactment Society, Gloria and Alias.

Apparently, the galleries will become an information hub about artists operating and active in the city of Plymouth and the UK, presenting the hidden processes of the artist’s studio.

Control Point offers artists and audiences an opportunity to consider and examine how to accomplish significance and arm themselves with skills for artistic survival in the current climate, through workshops and talks in the galleries. The imagination and importance of artists’ practice is being laid open for all to experience.

The importance of artist-run practice is that it responds to change, being flexible enough to adapt and react to dominant political or cultural trends (whether for or against it). This has ensured that these spaces have maintained a key position in the mechanisms of the art world.

Steven Paige is an exhibiting UK-based artist, who co-runs a new artist-led space, Back Lane West, in the South West. He has recently completed a digital commission for The Reading Room at Arnolfini.

Sovay Berriman’s studio practice incorporates objects, drawings and texts and an interest in science fiction, gothic literature, and survival. Sovay is also involved in the curation of collaborative projects such as Art + Writing, a programme of seminars at Spike Island, Bristol.

If you’re interested in taking part in this voluntary event, contact Bryony Gillard before 9am on Wednesday, October 21.

(image: Plymouth Arts Centre)



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