Mel Chin, Revival Field, Pig's Eye Landfill, St. Paul, Minnesota 1993. Photograph David Schneider

Soil Culture: Deep Roots – exhibition marks the climax of Soil Culture programme

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Deep Roots presents a series of works by six of the most established international artists who have engaged with soils over many years.

It ranges from previously unseen work by Mel Chin, who uses plants to extract heavy metals from contaminated land, to that of Claire Pentecost who has refashioned soil into the shape of gold ingots to reflect its true worth. Individual works by seven British artists working with soils today are also shown.

The exhibition is the climax of the Soil Culture programme, initiated by the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World in partnership with Falmouth University to celebrate the UN International Year of Soils.

Artists are Paolo Barrile, Mel Chin, Herman de Vries, Richard Long, Ana Mendieta and Claire Pentecost with work by Chris Drury, Andy Goldsworthy, Sandra Masterson, Daro Montag, David Nash, Peter Ward and Adam White.

The exhibition Soil Culture: Deep Roots is at the Peninsula Arts Gallery, Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth from January 16 to March 19, 2016.


(Image: Mel Chin, Revival Field, Pig’s Eye Landfill, St. Paul, Minnesota 1993. Photograph David Schneider)


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