Heist in Exeter

‘Stolen art’ from Plymouth in Exeter for HEIST

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Heist in Exeter

HEIST – an exhibition of ‘stolen’ art from the British Art Show – is he culmination of a six-month project by Devon artists Felicity Shillingford and Gabrielle Hoad.

HEIST was developed in response to the visit of the seventh British Art Show (BAS7) to the South West. Featuring contributions from official BAS7 artists as well as those taking part in the Plymouth Fringe, it offers Exeter audiences a mischievous flavour of what’s on offer in BAS7’s host city Plymouth.

“We’ve had lots of fun pretending to be international art criminals,” said Felicity. “But we’re making a serious point about how people often don’t realise the value of art until it’s gone.“

Gabriell said: “When the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911, more people went to see the empty space in the Louvre than had gone to see the painting in the previous year.”

HEIST runs from Saturday, October 22 to Friday, October 28 in a disused shop on the first floor of Exeter’s Guildhall Shopping Centre.

It includes everything from traditional oil paintings to a famous artist’s sweat – all removed during various events around Plymouth.