George Fox, Gare du Nord

The Writing on the Wall: George Fox exhibition at Harbour House, Kingsbridge

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George Fox, Gare du Nord
George Fox

George Fox’s third solo show at Harbour House features 60 new pictures including oils, acrylics, mixed media, collage and objet trouvé, and opens at the Kingsbridge art gallery on Tuesday, June 15.

Much of George’s current work is based on observations made during visits over the last three years to several European cities, including Florence, Venice, Brussels, Rome, Lille, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Paris.

Keen to look beyond the veneer of the tourist trail, he has been particularly interested and inspired by the symbolic, prophetic and aesthetic nature of man’s interaction with his own built environment. From advertising hoardings to public signage and graffiti, man has left his mark both by design and by chance on walls, pavements and interiors.

Other works in the collection feature George’s typically limited palette, and reflect upon the lives, beliefs, interests and belongings of people encountered during the same period, while others are inspired by words, poetry, music and reminiscences.

More generally, George’s work relies upon poignant observation of the human condition and its consequences, and is concerned with a personal view of life in all its forms and frailties.

George told Arts+Culture: “Observing the minutiae of the world around us is something that all too few of us have time to do. In my work, some pieces contain elements of humour, others pathos, tragedy and celebration. My ideas are born of personal experiences and reflect my interest in people and places I know and enjoy. In some respects much of my work is autobiographical, and in every respect it is narrative.”

George has had an active career in art education and, having spent a number of years as an A-Level Art Examiner, is currently Drawing Master at the Oratory School, Woodcote, Reading. He has taken numerous groups of students and adults around the art galleries of Europe, led master classes in Renaissance paintings on location in Florence, and pursued his own Art & Design Consultancy. He has held a number of solo exhibitions in Berkshire and Oxfordshire in recent years.

The Writing on the Wall opens at Harbour House in Kingsbridge on Tuesday, June 15. Opening times are 10am-5pm, until the close of the show on Sunday, June 20. There will be an informal gallery talk with the artist at noon on Thursday, June 17. Admission is free.