Marcel Dinahet

Where water and land meet: Marcel Dinahet at the Exeter Phoenix

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Marcel Dinahet

Ever thought that the sea shore could offer more to art than boats in a harbour, crashing waves or ripples? Then French video artist Marcel Dinahet is your man – and he’s at the Exeter Phoenix.

Marcel’s /sky/canal/river/ is at the Exeter Phoenix from Friday, May 27 to Saturday, July 9, is fresh from three concurrent exhibitions which began at London’s Domobaal and the last of which ended in March at St-Ouen-l’Aumône in France.

The Exeter show includes new work – some of which made in and around the River Exe as Marcel passes through Exeter and onto the sea at Exmouth.

Some of what Marcel does is a literal as well as litoral (geddit?) interpretation of the world around him, dragging his camera through the tidal shallows. It’s a clash of borders – sea and land, water and air, nature and technology and even experiencing and documenting.

Water and the control of it for communication, commerce and conquest has been at the heart of the development of civilisation, and Marcel’s work is often seen in a social political context.

Because it could be important to cod-psychologists and given the nature of his work, maybe we should mention that Marcel was born in the town of Finistere (from the Latin ‘finis terrier’, meaning the ‘end of the earth’) in Brittany. But then, are all of those artist from Land’s End so intrigued with the nature of the bonds and boundaries between terra firma and aqua mineral*?

He began his career as a sculptor, but shifted in the mid 80s to video, where the lines between what is solid and what is fluid are a little more blurred.

To find out more about the work of Marcel Dinahet there is an Eye Opener Discussion at the Exeter Phoenix, on Wednesday, June 1 at 10.45am (booking is essential).

Marcel Dinahet is at the Exeter Phoenix from Friday, May 27 to Sunday, July 10

Read about Dinahet at the Domobaal, and its review on Aesthetica

(*sorry, that should be terra infirm)