Father’s Day surprise brings family together

Kids, give your dad an extra hug and dads, you do the same, because we’ve come across a touching story that saw 30 people in Canada working together to give one dad an early and very special Father’s Day surprise.

The story is about the the Grimard family, whose youngest son has a congenital heart condition. He is being cared for with mom in one Canadian province (Edmonton), while dad, Mark, works and looks after one son in another (Saskatoon). It’s not ideal, and can be hard on everyone.

It was then that airline WestJet decided to step in an help out. WestJet not only provided tickets for father and son to get together, but they also allowed one of their staff to be trained up f to replace Mark while he was away to minimise the financial disruption to the family.

It was a spiffing idea.

Up steps WestJetter Medel. Medel trained to do Mark’s job to replace him for five days while Mark was able to spend some time with his family.

“As a dad, I want to help a fellow father out,” said Medel.

The whole set up was a surprise, Mark was told he was to be part of a training video – it was then that Medel announced the real reason for him being there. The film shows just how emotional and touching the moment was.

And seeing the family together brings a smile to your lips and a tear to your eyes.

“As a dad, to be able to be close to your sick child, especially when they’re away from home as a parent, there’s nothing more important,” said Mark

Watch the video to see how things worked out and click through to find out if Medel was able to cover Mark’s job without messing up.

And remember, ‘Sometimes, the best part of being a dad is just being able to be a dad’.