Harriet Jones – fashionista

Fifteen-year-old fashionista Harriet Jones has set up her own clothing range and label which can be bought from her website.

Her distinctive designs are influenced by 1950s glamour and bohemian trends mixed in with her own je ne sais quoi, as they say in Eggbuckland.

She told the Plymouth Herald: “I have always been into fashion and started making accessories such as purses and head scarves when I was about 11 years old,” Harriet said.

“I made my first dress out of old clothes that I had cut out. When you first make a piece of clothing it’s like doing a piece of art. When the work comes together you are so proud you want to do bigger and better pieces.”

“I never want my work to be ridiculously expensive because I would like most people to be able to wear it if they want to.

“When people find out my age it can be a blessing or a curse. Some think it’s really good that I have started designing this early, others do not think you are ready.”

Visit Harriet Jones’ website.