Blackthorn, latest movie release available at Curzon on Demand

The latest arthouse cinema at home with Curzon on Demand

Blackthorn, latest movie release available at Curzon on Demand

Unless you live in metropolitan areas, catching the latest arthouse movies can be a bit of a bind. But now top arthouse and independent cinema chain Curzon has launched its Curzon on Demand service which brings top arthouse movies straight to your computer.

The much-praised Sam Shepard film Blackthorn has had a limited cinematic release, but it’s available on Curzon on Demand, as well as other current releases Le Havre and Michael Winterbottom’s third Thomas Hardy adaptation, Trishna.

The latest releases on Curzon on Demand are available as soon as they hit the cinema screens, so you can keep your finger on the cultural cinematic pulse.

There’s also an impressive back-catalogue of movies that includes more recent releases like Lynne Ramsay’s We Need to Talk About Kevin, based on the Orange prize-winning book by Lionel Shriver, and Lars Von Trier’s Meloncholia, plus a whole host of classic films for art and movie lovers. You can even catch Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator.

And if you want the full cultural experience, there are free Q&A sessions: Pawel Pawlikowski talks about The Woman in the Fifth; and Michael Winterbottom is on hand to chat about Trishna, all of which make Curzon on Demand more than just a home cinema experience.

Curzon on Demand

Along with the impressive movie offerings, Curzon on Demand benefits from being free to join and not having a monthly subscription. You only have to pay for the movies you want to watch, without needing to commit to paying ongoing monthly fees.

Where possible the films are in HD, and from our experience with watching Italian film Corpo Celeste, they are of great quality and quick to start.

All you have to do is sign in, add the film you want to watch to your basket, pay, and watch. The most recent releases cost just £6 – compare that with travelling to the nearest big city, where the film of your choice may not even be showing – and older films and classics drop in price to £4 or £2. You have a week to watch the films.

Browse around Curzon on Demand to see some of the movie gems that are on offer, and to keep up with the new releases and other news sign up to the Curzon on Demand newsletter.

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