Brighton Fringe partnership for Brighton Fringe participants

Brighton Fringe

UK crowd-funding website, has teamed up with the Brighton Fringe 2013 to give artists and performers the chance to raise money for their projects.

People who want to stage projects and shows at the South Coast event on May 4 – June 2 will be able to put their projects on the site, and then ask people to pledge cash, in return for rewards – for example tickets to see the shows and events. When their crowdfunding bid hits its funding target, the cash will be released and the project funded.

It’s a way of raising cash that is tried and tested in the arts and culture sector.

“We couldn’t have done Brighton Fringe without our successful crowd funding campaign last year, as we raised the entire budget for our show,” said Ellen Carr, artistic director, Witness Theatre.

“I think that crowdfunding for the arts is a vital means for the ways in which we can fund our projects, and gain support for our work. I think crowdfunding needs to be able to be bigger and with more reach.”

“We’ve been surprised and delighted at how well crowdfunding can work for arts and culture events. We’ve partnered with arts crowdfunder,, and since have had projects raise tens of thousands of pounds for the Arts,” said Nick Underhill, “We feel certain will enable lots more creative talent realise their ambition to appear at the Brighton Fringe.”

Julian Caddy, managing director, Brighton Fringe said: “Crowdfunding is a great way artists and talent can raise the funds they need to put on performances at the Brighton Fringe. We welcome‘s support and hope to see some great shows crowd funded this winter.”.

Brighton Fringe registration openned online October 23 2012 and closes February 4, 2013.