Unleash your music video vision on Sweet Lips’ Carolyn

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Step into the world of music video making through game play with Swiss Lips by Carolyn.

It is part music video, part video game and all yours to remix, say the garishly coloured, big flashing words in the middle of the trailer.

And if the words and music leave you a little flabbergasted – as they should – here’s the explanation of the project.

Band Swiss Lips have joined up with Philips Headphones to create a remixable music video game based around the Swiss Lips single Carolyn.

In the video game, you play the part of Sam (Swiss Lips’ lead singer), as you battle the evil Flame Gang to win the affections of your true love Carolyn.

It’s got action, explosions, fights, a whale, zombies, the moon, more whale, and nudity. And your game play affects the track.

The game employs the retro environment of an old-school driving game, with the techno-twist to let you output your remixed track and video with 3D camera moves.

There are multiple endings and thousands of potential remixes, and the videos with the most views get higher on the leaderboard.

All you have to do is combine your game-playing prowess, musical ear and directorial know-how to complete the adventure.

Take a look at the video trailer and click through to find out more. But be warned, the tune is darned catchy and the game is super fun. Can you win fair Carolyn while producing a rocking number? Only time will tell…



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