eBay Facebook friends pass 1 million

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eBay isn’t just for Christmas… but it certainly helps, as more than 1 million of eBay’s UK Facebook friends can testify.

The eBay people have offered up this video as a way of saying Merry Christman and thank you to it’s hoards of Facebook followers.

The eBay Facebook site highlights the offers on the site, along with festive pressies , glam gifts and competitions.

There’s also a promise of some of the stories associated with eBay, such as one person who wrote into the site to say she met her husband through eBay! (We’ve yet to scroll down to that particular story, be we will keep looking!)

eBay celebrated its 1 in a Million Christmas competition, when they randomly selected a fancy to treat to a pop-up style winter wonderland flash party. It all took place in Winchester.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, eBay is an online auction site, and has been connecting people with gifts since 1995. It’s also been a handy way to dispose of those duplicate and unwanted gifts, which is something to bear in mind come Boxing Day. Remember, one person’s lamp is another person’s geni…

Click through the video to pop onto the eBay Facebook page, and start following!