Any poets out there? Teignmouth arts group calls for poems with a twist

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There was a theme for National Poetry Day, which took place on Thursday, October 8, which was Heroes and Heroines, and true to its artistic form, the Teignmouth Arts Advisory Group set out to celebrate and support the day with a twist.

The group is calling for poems, but they stipulate, the poems must include  the three random words they have chosen from a dictionary.

The aim is to write a poem – or prose poem –  incorporating these words, and send the finished article, as an attachment, to (the last submission date is Halloween, Saturday, October 31).

Please note that there are no restrictions on style, length, etc and, unless otherwise indicated in your email, the font and format used in the attachment shall be maintained.

All submissions will be added to the National Poetry Day section of the TAAG website

The three words to include in your poem/prose poem are:
locomotive, serpent, finance



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