I Norwegian Business School

Study abroad and be someone on campus at the BI Norwegian Business School

If you’ve ever considered study abroad, you’ve probably gone through a whole list of pros and cons, and now the good people at the BI Norwegian Business School have done it for you in their latest film. Plus they’ve managed to offer some practical solutions.

They deal with the first issue straightaway: how good is the institution? Well, the business school has triple international accreditation and among the top 1% business schools worldwide.

But it’s not only the quality of study that can be a concern to prospective students, and BI Norwegian Business School has an interesting approach to solving that. Think the start of the TV show Cheers, but campus-wide.

Remember in Cheers when Norm would come in, everyone in the bar would shout ‘Norm!’? The show even had the tag-line ‘where everybody knows your name’.

Now take that and run with it with Scandinavian efficiency. Watch the film to see exactly what the institution says it will do, but you get the idea that you’ll be welcomed if you decide to study there. Plus it’s fun.

On top of that, the university can claim 98% in employment after one year of graduation for Msc graduates, in a country that has an unemployment rate of just 3.2% (that’s Norway, by the way). And Norway is one of the world’s safest and cleanest places to live.

There’s more information to be had if you click through the film, and so you should because with a wide range of scholarships and guaranteed housing on offer, there’s a lot to learn and plenty to explore.