Sophie Brown driving a truck

A four-year-old takes control of driving a massive Volvo truck

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Four-year-old Sophie Brown is not what you’d expect for a truck driver. For one thing, she’s four years old, and for another, she’s four years old!

Volvo are forever thinking up fun and informative ways to demonstrate just how tough, big, strong, and agile their massive trucks are, and what better way than to have a four year old in charge.

Not only is Sophie in control of the truck – via remote control, obvs – but she’s also got a gravel pit filled with obstacles to traverse.

It’s all rather smashing really… literally.

And as well as the film demonstrating the Volvo FMX truck’s ability to roll down a hill and land on its wheels (invaluable in any workplace), it also shows just how obstacles are all in the eye of the beholder. It’s a bit of a life lesson. Plus there’s a four year old driving a truck, which is fun, too.

One of the reasons the truck doesn’t get snaffu’ed in any of the obstacles is because it has been fitted with Volvo’s Automatic Traction Control which is ‘a revolutionary new feature that automatically engages the front axle when you need it’, meaning you won’t get stuck, apparently.

For a more detailed analysis of the truck’s impressive technical specs and Sophie’s driving, click through the film – you can also get a handle of the health and safety involved – basically don’t try this at home.

You also might want to keep this film away from the aspiring eyes of any youngsters – as any adult knows, once you get one four year old driving a truck, they’re all going to want to do it.