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The Anthem, celebrating a world without barriers for the Rio Olympics

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Take some of the world’s most pompous songs of hubris to create one tune of hope.

It sounds a tall order, and a bit of a hippy dream, but it’s exactly what the Samsung people have done as they gear up for the Olympic Games.

Called, modestly enough The Anthem, the tune has picked lines from national anthems from around the world to create something that aims to transcend national boundaries.

The song starts with words from the anthem of Bostwana, then takes a whirlwind world wide tour calling in on the anthems of Australia, Canada, France, USA, Brazil, Malaysia, Malawi, the UK, New Zealand, Germany, South Korea, Tunisia, and finally South Africa, with the closing lines, united we will stand.

(Curiously there are no words from the Spanish national anthem, which seems a bit of a missed opportunity – only kidding, we know the Marcha Real is one of the four national anthems without lyrics.)

Of the Olympic Games, Samsung says: “It is a chance for each of us to embrace our shared humanity and the progress that comes when the world comes together.”

And of The Anthem, they say it ‘salutes those who dare to defy barriers such as borders, culture, and language to unite as one’.

Pretty noble sentiments as are its sponsorship of a ‘world without barriers’.

Samsung have gone even more to town with its Olympic dream, and even started a hashtag #DoWhatYouCant, with inspirational stories about people who do what you can’t.

Follow the links to find out more. Meanwhile, see if you can become uplifted by The Anthem.




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