The Awakeners!

The Awakeners!: Your choices make a world of difference

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Your choices make a world of difference, say The Awakeners!, led by Richard Rubbish.

The Awakeners! are three bags, one bucket and one bin – a rather cute three bags, one bucket and one bin – but that’s what they are. And their message, as you might have guessed, is to increase recycling.

But more than that, Generation Awake is about waking up to consumer choices and facing up to the consequences they have.

And if you want to see the impact you can have, you can explore The Awakeners! rooms. Your bed, jewellery, your gaming console and even your piggy bank can all help you help the world.

There’s even a handy consumption guide covering energy efficiency, the green economy and soil, to name but three. Plus there’s a water guide to find out how much water we use every day.

Each of The Awakeners! has a character: Impulse Inga in the bedroom; Chubby Charlie in the kitchen; Routine Robbie in the lounge; Water Maniac Walter in the kitchen; and Richard Rubbish in the garage.

The Awakeners! may seem a little preachy – especially when they pick up guitars and start playing on public transport highlighting the environmental paucity of your purchases – but that aside, it’s a fun way to get to grips with the extent of environmental responsibility and control each one of us can have.

Oh, and it’s produced by the European Commission, btw.

Watch the video and click through to explore the world of The Awakeners! It’s fun and you may even learn something.



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