The Epic Split

Calm, powerful and mesmerising Epic Split from Jean-Claude Van Damme

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The sun is setting on the calm rugged face of action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme, and his measured voice-over mentions craft, perfection, engineering and physics.

While this is going on, the camera pulls back and we see Jean-Claude standing on the wing mirrors of two Volvo Trucks.

It’s only then that you realise the trucks are going backwards and getting further apart.

And then it strikes you. He also mentioned ‘splits’, right? The ads called ‘The Epic Split’ after all.

The golden Volvo FM Trucks, speed backwards as they move away from each other. The road rolls on and the sun slowly sets in the champagne-coloured sky. The atmosphere is enhanced by the chill-out soundtrack. It’s all pretty mesmerising. It’s all pretty calming. And it’s all pretty powerful.

The Epic Split – or #TheEpicSplit, if you prefer – is the sixth and final in the Volvo Trucks live test campaign. And the movie’s taken a bit of a departure from the documentary style from of the other films.

“Compared with the previous Volvo Trucks’ films, which have a documentary style, we wanted to make something more poetic,” said Andreas Nilsson, the director behind The Epic Split.

“The film is very clean and simple – there isn’t a lot of information and we just let the stunt illustrate what the trucks can do. It’s like a slow-moving, carefully choreographed modern dance.”

After three days of rehearsing, the film was captured in one take in a 15-minute window, when the morning light was just right. It was shot at a deserted airfield in Spain.

“When I saw the storyboard, I thought it looked amazing. It’s very majestic and very powerful,” said Jean-Claude.

Watch the film and click through for behind the scenes footage, and the rest of Volvo Truck’s live tests.



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