bluey and the snowman

Christmas animated airshow adventure

Plucky young Bluey is an imaginative rule-breaker and a very good friend who comes to the rescue for the Christmas Airshow spectacular in this fun animation from KLM, Bluey and the Christmas Airshow.

The heroic little plane, who is also KLM’s mascot for younger flyers, meets up with his airplane pal Rudolph on the way to the Christmas Airshow with his parents. Rudolph has been practising hard for the airshow, and even though he’s ill – his sneezing is causing havoc with his flying – Rudolph still wants to take part.

Of course, you can’t just magic yourself better – and this message surely is to rest up when you’re ill. Things could go terribly, if it wasn’t for the quick-witted, quick-thinking of Bluey.

As KLM’s mascot for young travellers, Bluey apparently pops up to point the way at airports and can be seen on KLM planes too.

If you are looking to your holidays and travelling with youngsters, click through the film to take a look at the information KLM provides.

For example, here’s some useful knowledge: ‘on board intercontinental KLM flights, every child 2 and older receives a Bluey play set, containing a memory game and tic tac toe, and items such as pencils, a key cord, card game, sticker, baggage label and more. A Bluey eye mask will help your child get some rest. On European flights children receive a Bluey passport holder and an activity book.’

With one flight you’ve got your holiday and next Christmas sorted, too!

It’s not all fun and games, there is some info about travelling alone, documentation and health.

But watch the film first and take a look to see just how effective Bluey is at saving the Christmas Airshow – we particularly liked the sky Christmas tree!