Stirling Gravitas

The cool art of keeping control, as demonstrated by new sensation Stirling Gravitas

There is an art to staying in control, but as Stirling Gravitas shows in this funky ad from TENA Men, with age comes authority, and you shouldn’t throw that away lightly.

“When you’re used to being in control, you can’t have it taken away. Certainly not by something like urine leakage,” Stirling tells us.

Stirling is the kind of man who could very easily inspire a following. He could just as easily inspire exasperation if you were stuck on holiday with him. But his strong words and decisive manner are just what the subject matter he’s talking about is in need of.

How many of us have wished to develop the power to silence crying babies wherever they may be, let alone in lifts.

There is an art to circumnavigating tricky subjects, too, and the Stirling Gravitas ad for TENA Men Control sashays along that potentially tricky tightrope with a fun, confident swagger.

And if you haven’t yet got enough of Stirling, you can follow the film to see some more of him as he offers lifestyle advice. It’s all good, and it’s the kind of stuff role models are made of (in some bizarro land, but you’ll see where we’re coming from).

But don’t worry if your thirst for all things Stirling is yet to be sated, you can follow him on Twitter at @S_Gravitas

You can also get your mitts on a your free sample pack of Keep Control. Just click-through at the end of the ad.