Mapei Reality Road

Crazy horses for Mapei on her Reality Road adventure

There’s a cathartic buzz from facing your fears once in a while. But we’re thinking in the realms of dealing with a spider in the bath. Not such trivial worries for singer Mapei as she aims to get her video shot. Her fears are of the four-legged, rather than bath-bound eight-legged variety, when she’s called on to stand up on the back of a horse – all for the sake of her art of course.

Mapei is on the Reality Road – a quest to make a music video by traveling through six countries in nine days. On her quest she’s accompanied by the director, a driver, and a Volvo Truck, which is starting to get a personality of its own.

Episode seven of the team’s saga starts with a few repairs following some balletic ice dancing by the truck. Plus a recap of the driver-licence-lacking Mapei at the wheel.

So they’re used to hair-raising antics.

Mapei says: “If I could sing my way through life I would do that.” And by the end of the film you wouldn’t be surprised if that song was Crazy Horses.

Director Liza Minou Morberg decided that it would be an ideal artistic representation for the video for Mapei to stand on the back of a horse in Verona, Italy. The trouble is Mapei is scared of horses. The situation isn’t helped by driver Jens Karlsson recounting a terrible injury he suffered at the hands of one of those crazy horses.

“Know your limits, but you don’t know what life will bring unless you push yourself,” says Mapei with a twinkle of fear in her eyes.

The positive talk continues, as she affirms: “It’s important to challenge yourself, otherwise you die inside.”

They’re the kind of phrases that should be on t-shirts and mugs, but will they do the trick to get her not only on the horse, but standing up to boot.

A few preliminary balances go well, but how will the real thing go with a horse called Adenauer – after the post-war German Chancellor presumably?

If you’ve been keeping up with the series you’ll know that Mapei is a pretty committed artist, and she’s been ready to challenge herself and push her comfort zone. But this could very well be a step too far. And the Adenauer could also say nay (sorry).

Watch the film to see if Mapei succeeds in standing on horseback, and click-through to catch up with all her mad-cap adventures with Liza, Jens and the Volvo truck.