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Door-to-door lettuce delivery just doesn’t cut it

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Door-to-door lettuce delivery may sound like a good idea… at certain times… to certain people… but judging by the reaction of those who are faced with it on their doorstep, the concept doesn’t look like it will last even half as long as the lettuce itself.

But these new delivery fads aren’t just the sole preserve of your leafy greens (an artichoke is offered too), couscous and quiche were attempted to be delivered too. And on each occasion they were met with good-natured incredulity by those on the receiving end.

Of course, this could be because the people in question had ordered Domino’s Pizza – so why were they being confronted with any other confection, their bemused expression asked.

Or it could be because worthy as lettuce, quiche and couscous are, sometimes only Domino’s Pizza will do.

And who can deny it? Sharing out leaves of an iceberg is not quite the same thing as tugging at your slice of a Domino’s Pizza while you catch the latest flick or put the world to rights with your nearest and dearest.

The doorstep experiment wasn’t as scientific as it might first appear – the film is made by the Domino’s Pizza people themselves. But more than just a promotional gimmick it does speak to a certain psyche.

And if your certain psyche is fancying a pizza, click-through to find out more. And watch the film, the happy-go-lucky nature of the lettuce delivery boy is something to behold, and never has the punchline ‘leaf it out’ been delivery with such timing.