ikea kitchen by kids

Fresh thinking in the kitchen: mattresses, eels and speakers… plus more

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‘The biggest deep sea animal that we have is probably a moray eel,’ is not the usual quote you associate with kitchen design. But then neither is a mattress, or speakers for that matter.

Because children are creative thinkers – and they use kitchens too – Ikea have let a load of youngsters take on the role of designer for what used to be called the ‘heart of the house’. And they seem to have put some life back into it.

For many, the lounge (that’s the TV room) has taken over as the place conversations happen – during the ad breaks, or between new episodes on a series blow-out on one of those subscription services.

But with a little bit of fresh thinking, the kitchen could once again take pride of place.

And you don’t have to be that radical. In the Ikea kids kitchen design experiment they kept the oven and the cupboards, but they added that extra touch of creativity. Watch the film to find out more and to see what tips you can pick up, mattress, moray eel, speakers and all!

This is the way the people at Ikea put it: ‘With so much time spent cooking every day, why not use it for being together? Because if you think about it from a kid’s perspective, the kitchen could actually be the funnest room of all.’

Then, for more words of wisdom, click through to find out the five rules of cooking with parents.



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