Gaz and leccy Screen explosion

Gaz and Leccy chaos! Smart meters to the rescue

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Hold onto your hats – there are two new bringers of animated chaos! They are Gaz and Leccy, and they are here to show us that we can get gas and electricity under control, with the new smart meters.

In a 3-D film experience that we can only dream of, Gaz and Leccy break out of the screen to cause explosive mayhem, only to be [spoiler alert] caught by a device that resembles something Dr Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) in Ghostbusters might be brandishing.

It’s a great illustration of what Smart Energy GB are aiming to do with the introduction of the new smart meter. Far more immediate than showing a pair of raised eyebrows when the energy bill is opened. Or someone trying to work out their electricity expenditure by staring at the black and white disk whizzing around.

Smart meters are part of a new programme from the government to help you get control of your energy bills. Everyone in Britain will have a chance got get a smart meter, and what’s more it won’t cost you anything extra, apparently.

Smart meters will allow you to see how much gas and electricity you’re using, see what you’re spending in pounds and pence, and help you save energy and cut your costs.

Plus, gone will be the days of the ‘estimated bill’ popping through the letter box – how’s that for a reality check?

And here’s another bit of blurb: there are plenty of energy monitors in the shops, but only a gas and electricity smart meter can show you what you’re spending in pounds and pence in near real time. And only a smart meter can automatically get you accurate bills from your energy supplier.

Watch the film to see what Gaz and Leccy get up to, then click through to explore the benefits of a smart meter and how you can apply for one.



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