Not happy following the conventional route? Follow your gut

Thomasina Miers echos plenty of creatives and artists when she says “I guess I never really succeeded in the conventional world. I realised that to be happy as a person I just had to follow my gut instinct, and be myself.”

And for a chef, because that’s what Thomasina is, maybe following your gut is the real key.

Thomasina established a chain of Mexican street restaurants throughout London, and picked up a MasterChef award and a few TV programmes along the way.

But what inspired her to take the taste of Mexico to the streets of London?

At 18 she ended up in Mexico, and discovered the Mexican food. It made such an impression that when she got back to London she felt she had to open a street food cantina. It didn’t happen immediately though. Nevertheless, the rest, as they say, is history and Wahaca was born.

Not only that, but her Wahaca restaurants put environmental issues second only to their food, and demonstrate and inventive, creative approach to sustainability that is in itself inspiring.

Thomasina is part of a group of people renown for their drive and passion who have been interviewed by former international rugby player Richard Parks for Mazda in their Mazda Real Challengers series.

What advice would Thomasina give those facing their own challenges?

“Life is hard work, and you get much more out of it if you do work hard, so you might as well do something you enjoy,” she says.

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