Chain of Good

Innocent: set the chain of good in action

Everything is interconnected. Everything. Even metaphors. Which is why this latest campaign from Innocent – the smoothie people – demonstrates how even the smallest decision can affect the future of the world.

Running under the subtitle ‘Tastes good, does good’, with the #chainofgood hashtag, the Innocent film tells the story of how buying an Innocent drink not only does good for you, but because they give 10% to charity the ripple effects of good spread far and wide. And there are repercussions. Like ripples of water, dominoes or flapping butterfly wings.

The film follows post -Christmas party Mark, who needs some good for his body (but could also do with a Karmic boost after making an arse of himself at the X-mas bash).

In a Sliding Doors type scenario (other time split stories are available), if Mark chooses the Innocent drink he sets in action a Chain of Good, with positive repercussions. If, on the other hand, Mark chooses another less wholesome beverage, a Chain of Not Good is unleashed, with a whole shed load of not good being wantonly doled out.

It’s all very illuminating, and helps you know where you fit in the world. Like the cog in a complicated piece of machinery; a clock, for example.

Mark’s Chain of Good / Not Good has a direct link to Peru, but you can also see the ramifications of your Innocent decision-making on Uganda.

Take a look at the film, click through and remember, your Innocent decisions may not be so innocent.