devold protective clothing

Leap of faith demonstrates protective clothing prowess

Protective clothing may not be the most glamorous items in your wardrobe, but they are the ones that you should cherish the most. After all, your life may depend on them.

But choosing your protective clothing is a bit of a leap of faith – how do you know if they really are as protective as the label suggests?

That’s why the Norwegian Devold people have decided to demonstrate their belief in their protective clothing by just that – a leap of faith. A man in dressed in the latest Devold fashions jumps off a cliff to try to reach a helicopter. And if that isn’t dare-devil enough, he’s on fire.

It’s quite a shocking bit of film – watch it to see if he makes it.

And, of course, remember what your mother said, just because someone jumps off a cliff doesn’t mean you have to, even if you are wrapped up head to toe.

What’s so great about the Devold clothes anyway?

For one thing, they’re Norwegian, so you’d think they’d know a thing or two about harsh conditions. For another, there’s something alluring about the prospect of a flame retardant vest, socks and hood.

But it’s not all about heavy duty workwear, Devold also produce some pretty nifty outdoor leisure wear for cold weather, from classic jumpers to colourful head gear.

Click through to find out more, and pick the protective clothing that best reflects your devil-may-care lifestyle or tough job.