Looking for better results? Maybe you should add nothing

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It could all be so easy. To get that little extra, just add nothing – or rather zero.

Three can become 30; 5 becomes 50; and 6 turns into 60. The ten-fold increase doesn’t have to stop there. Add another ‘0’ and all of a sudden things start getting weird. You’ve got 300 where there once was three; and 500 and 600 respectively.

And all you’ve done is add to lots of nothing.

It’s a concept that Coke have highlighted in their new Coke Zero ads. But more than just a campaign, it’s something we can all take on as we pursue our respective and divergent dreams.

What do you need to be complete? Why nothing of course!

Take a look at the ad and muse on the idea yourself. Consider this, it may not be the ‘things’ that make the world tick, but rather the ‘no-things’. The zeros, if you will.

Phew, with all that philosophy fizzing around, I need a cool drink and a lie down.

Next we may turn our attention to right angles. But for now, I leave you with…0



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