Mapei Mosh Pit

A mosh pit in the heart of suburban Paris? Creativity and faith shine on the Reality Road

Putting on a show can sometimes feel like an act of faith over experience, and the whole high and low of emotion in the face of problem-solving for a creative outcome is laid bare in episode five of Volvo Trucks’ Reality Road series.

To set the scene, Volvo Trucks have told singer/songwriter Mapei that she can go anywhere and do anything to make a music video.

With a whiff of creative vision, director Liza changes plan to decides what the video really needs is a mosh pit in suburban Paris.

Quite apart from whether anyone will turn up to the gig – moshing on your own is a lonely and painful experience, people – there’s the problem of getting the kit, in this case trucks, to the venue in the first place.

The narrow bridge that Jans faces is like a metaphor for the creative process. As we all know, haters gonna hate. But Jans is no hater – he’s a problem solver!

The next thing to assess is whether France is really ‘down’, and can the intrepid filmmakers and musicians turn the local centre of boule-playing into an arena?

Watching the short film in Volvo’s series is like playing out every creative endeavour. If you build it, will anyone come? Even with the best preparation, that can sometimes be a bit of a coin toss.

At the start of Mapei’s evening there was just one well-dressed lonely man dancing… then suddenly lonely guy wasn’t so lonely anymore.

Watch the film to find out how the surburban Parisian mosh pit works out.

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