Volvo Trucks San Remo

Stylish Italian casino scam with Volvo Trucks

With the luscious photography, the cool soundtrack and a feel that resembles Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean series of films, you know there something’s up – and that something is going to be stylish.

Hidden cameras surround the Casino San Remo on the Italian Riviera. In the warm evening the lights shimmer and the essence of luxury is on display.

Enter the new valet ready to park the expensive cars of the super-rich high rollers.

There’s only one problem. It’s all fake. All the sports cars are rented, all the paparazzi are fake, and the crowds are fake. Everything’s fake, except for the valet. The valet is the only thing that’s real in this set up, and he is being set up for what will turn out to be the only other real thing to arrive.

You’d expect to see sports car pulling up to a casino on the Italian Riviera. What you wouldn’t expect is a massive Volvo Truck, albeit shimmering in immaculate silver, to be next in line for valet parking.

The reason? Under the hood it’s a sports car! Ta da! For those not in the know, the big reveal is because Volvo Trucks is highlighting its new I-Shift Dual clutch gearbox , the technology from which is an adaptation from sport and race car engineering.

It’s all pretty slick, and fun. And leaves the poor valet reeling a little.

Check out the film for yourself, and see how the Volvo Trucks Italian casino scam is set up. Then click-through to find out about the trucks and the film.