Thrillometer challenge

Taking thrills to the limit with the live Thrillometer challenge

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For some the lemony, bergamot zest of a perfectly brewed Earl Grey and a warm muffin doesn’t cut it in terms of thrill. (But honestly, a decent cuppa is something to strive for and cherish.) No, for some a thrill needs to be a creative endurance at life’s extremes – this is where the Thrillometer comes in.

With the finer details still being worked out at the time of going to press, the Thrillometer, in its own words ‘is the world’s first test facility for measuring thrills and excitement’.

And what it will do is test the thrill limits of four contestants as they aim to win – would you believe – £1,000 towards a thrilling experience.

But viewers can win too. By submitting a thrill for the contestants to be subjected to, viewers can win their own thrilling experience.

‘The person submitting the thrill that gets a single contestant’s biometric data to spike the highest will win a thrilling experience worth £500,’ says the Thrillometer site.

The thrilling will take place during a live event on March 7, and there will be chances to win other prizes – the event is being run by Maria Casino after all.

The four thrill contestants go by the snappy monicas of M-04, M-02, M-01 and M-03, and are from the UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, respectively.

And the thrilling submissions they may face them includes (to name but three): attaching them to a spinning wheel and throwing waterballoons with syrup on them; putting them into a big tank of ice water and to catch as many fish with their bare hands as possible; and one that’s known as The Ultimatum, which is bungee jumping without any ropes just using a magnet system to slow down the descent!

Of course, there are many more – mostly involving snakes, spiders and insects – and we don’t know which will be picked to spike the contestants’ biometrics.

Thrillometer kicks off for the ultimate test on March 7, 2016 at 7pm UK and 8pm Nordic time.

Tune in to see if anyone can break the Thrillometer and see who will be crowned Europe’s most thrilled person.