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Time to #switch to the Nokia Lumia 920?

It’s a rare treat to see a smartphone put through its paces, and with Nokia Lumina’s 920 #switch campaign, which sees crane driver Eugene try out the Lumia 920, it’s easy to see why the phone is a favourite for photographers.

Eugene test drove the Nokia Lumia 920 from his eye-in-the-sky – that’s the crane he operates in London, where he sees stories unfold before him on a daily basis. He takes photos and films to the scenes below him, and the film campaign shows just how exciting the images are from the Nokia Lumina 920.

On a practical level, he’s able to operate the smartphone while still wearing his gloves (something to be aware of as the temperature plummets), and for taking video the phone itself seemed to minimise shake. And even as night approached the Nokia Lumina 920 can still take stunning pictures.

Eugene also saw what the city had to offer, changing his own view of London. The Nokia City Lens takes what you see and highlights hotels, restaurants, bars and other sights. It even works in fog. Take a look at the video to see how this ‘augmented reality’ works.

And if you click through the video, you can see the Nokia and Deadmau5 official video, along with offers and advice from others who made the #switch.

The last word goes to Eugene. “If I show my son the photos I’ve taken with the phone, I think they’ll appreciate more my job, my view, they’ll see what I will actually see. And it’s going to make me feel great, that I can actually share it with other people.”