Ikea Jeff and Beth

Time travel with hypnosis and Ikea

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If the past is a foreign country, what’s the future? Another planet? Beth and Jeff took an interstellar journey into their own potential future, courtesy of hypnotist Justin Tranz.

This was Justin’s second catapulting of couples and is the second part of Ikea’s Time Travel Experiment.

What we learn is that Beth and Jeff enjoy pizza, are lactose intolerant and in the future they don’t have a garage! And if the predictions are correct, they won’t be producing the next Justin Bieber (or maybe they will…).

What Jeff learns is that he feels he would be a pretty good dad – watch to film to see if you agree with him.

The future, hypnotism and the films are all part of the celebration of Ikea’s new catalogue, which has the theme ‘Where The Everyday Begins and Ends’. And if your everyday doesn’t include time travel or hypnotism, you need to get down to your Ikea store more often.

”A lot of research and testing went into this project,” said Ikea’s Andreas Nilsson. “We really wanted the young couple to feel that they had travelled in time. Hypnosis together with supporting actors, proved to be the best solution to making it happen.”

It certainly is a fun way to sell furniture, especially for the bedroom and bathroom – that’s where Ikea reckons some of the most important things happen in your life.

Watch the film, and if you’ve missed the previous instalment, catch up with the other Time Travel Experiment. Then you can live out your own future, ideally – for the Ikea people – in Ikea bathrooms and bedrooms, but maybe not in their stores.