Ivo Gormely, founder of GoodGym, in he Universal Channel's 100% Character Uncovered series

Uncovering inspirational characters with the Universal Channel’s 100% Character Uncovered series

The Universal Channel is shinning a light on people who ‘inspire others through their determination in making their dreams a reality’, and it’s pretty inspiring and humbling stuff.

Take Ivo Gormely, who features in the Universal Channel’s 100% Character Uncovered series. Not only does Ivo keep fit, but he combines his pavement pounding with doing good. That’s a double whammy to those of us who only crawl from behind our desks to make ourselves a tea (ignoring the rest of the office to our shame).

But it was precisely the doing something more than just hit the pavement that drove Ivo on. He started off by delivering the paper to older friend of a friend, Terry. Which then slowly grew into GoodGym, a running club with gives people the opportunity to get together for exercise and helping the community. Watch the film, and get inspired!

Or consider fashion designer Mary Benson, who is ‘driven by fear’ (among other things) to produce her exciting ranges. The youngest of five children, Mary grew up in Leeds and was used to getting comments about her clothes from her school mates. But who’s laughing now as Mary is set to be one of the next hottest designers, with her designs worn by the likes of Rita Ora and Elli Goulding?

Then there’s Kenny Imafidon, who ‘haggled some hope’ from London’s city hall only to find himself arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. It would have been easy to have folded but instead Kenny rose, and he became the only person to have taken his A’ Levels in Feltham prison. When he was acquitted Kenny realised that there was injustice everywhere and set about changing the world with The Kenny Reports.

Olympic Gymnast and Commonwealth Games Gold and Silver medallist Lisa Mason has been defying the critics and convention to return to the sport as a single mum at the age of 33, with the aim of competing at Rio 2016. For those of us whose body creaks when we make that slow journey to make the tea, Lisa’s challenge is almost incomprehensible – just trying to think about it means we have to sit down!

You can see why all these inspiring people have been selected for the Universal Channel’s 100% Character Uncovered series. Click-through for each character’s full story. And there’s also a casting call. If you, or someone you know, has a remarkable story to tell, you could be part of the next 100% Character Series. Click-through for details and the closing date.