Work with conviction and get people out of their seats!

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It’s amazing where a conviction and sense of purpose can get you – even if you’re going in completely the wrong direction!

The latest ad from Specsavers in their often catch-phrased ‘Should Have Gone to Specsavers’ campaign – that’s #shgts to the hashtag generation – shows what can happen when bingo becomes boogeying, well, an aerobics lesson in an OAP day centre to be exact. And the session involved ‘legs up, shimmying, butt shaking’ to quote one of the participants.

The trouble was the session was meant to be devoted to bingo – another pastime which can get you quite hot under the collar, whatever your age.

The instructor is in the wrong place, and the wrong time, but it is her energy and almost divine sense of being right that gets the room shaking.

It’s a lesson we should all take onboard. Of course, it’s best to get things right from the start. But there are some times you can’t, and there are others when you just feel them slipping away. At times like those, your conviction in what you’re doing can go a long way.

Just take a look at how the audience takes on the aerobic challenge. They were out of their seats, shaking their butts and enjoying themselves. And you can click through to find out how much they enjoyed the whole debacle and see the effects of their impromptu exercise.

The situation has a lot to recommend it, and if it strikes a chord, share your thoughts with the #shgts hashtag.