nokia lumia 2520

Work and play with the Nokia Lumia 2520

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Want something for work and for play, and you don’t quite have bone structure for a mullet? Try the Nokia Lumia 2520 instead.

There’s a certain familiarity about Nokia Lumia’s latest campaign for its 2520 tablet, but that doesn’t make it any less eerie.

Set in a barber’s shop that would have weirded out Sweeney Todd, the hapless hero is in for a shock – and it’s more than just a shock of hair! The creepy hair cutter and his even creepier assistant point to the Nokia Lumia 2520 to provide the chosen hairstyle – a mullet.

It all seems rather fanatical and weird, but it certainly is a novel way to demonstrate the capabilities of the Nokia 2520 tablet. And there’s a sense that this came out of the pen of some Mark Gatiss-inspired Gothic horror story intent on giving us the heebie-jeebies rather than convince us to part with our hard-earned for a brand spanking new tablet.

But what of the tablet? We don’t reckon it will style your hair, although we haven’t tried. It runs on Windows RT, is quick and has a mighty powerful battery time. It’s also a Nokia with the style and display you’d expect from that manufacturer.

If you’re interested, check out the film – which is more a vignette of weird than an ad – but if you’re off to buy one, we would recommend you go to the recommended retailer rather than the barbers. That would be just too odd.



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