Wow no Cow

Wow, No Cow! When a ditty says 1,000 words

Catchy tunes can make an impact that sometimes more considered words can’t. Especially if the catchy tunes are charming, fun and maybe just a little bit… well… annoying (in a good way, of course). Wow, No Cow, has all those qualities and is a real contender to be one of those tunes that just stick in your head.

The tune is written and performed by Oatly CEO Toni Petersson, who is exclaiming the virtues of Oatly (it’s not milk, of course). Milk is made from a cow and intended for baby cows. This is Oatly, made from oats and not just for people with allergies, or vegans.

How better to just say Wow, No Cow?

But if you want to get underneath what makes Swedish brand Oatly – and Toni – tick, just click through for the other films in the Toni TV range.

And if you want the real gen about Oatly, the website professes its transparency.

“The idea behind Oatly was to find a way to make a nutritious alternative to milk without going through the body of a cow,” says the Oatly website. “Today that sounds really smart, but back when we started in the early 1990s most people thought we were crazy. That’s okay, everything has its time. Who is the crazy one now?”

Also, “We are not a perfect company, not even close, but our intentions are true.” Is there more you can reasonably ask?

Sing along to Wow, No Cow, watch the other films featuring Toni and explore the website to find out what Oatly is all about. It’s an interesting journey.