Minwoo in Life is Good

You are the definition of awesome! Now star in the video

Surround yourself with a positive feelgood vibe with this Life’s Good video from LG, featuring the newest K-Pop sensation Minwoo – that’s Little Psy, to you.

The pint-size pop star has been knocking on the door of international fame-dom since his appearance on Korea’s Got Talent. A deal that was sealed when he popped up in Psy’s own Gangnam Style video.

You can follow in Minwoo’s own VAT-free footsteps and star in the video alongside him, with the help of some techno jiggery-pokery.

Just watch the video and follow the link to Facebook, where you can upload a photo, or use an existing one to appear in the fun film.

Before you make the decision to dip your toes into the world of the international pop-star jet set, take a gander at the life-affirming song and video. It’s the perfect way to keep those spirits up in the gloom-laden times. Tap your feet, enjoy the sunshine, step out and dance, even if it’s just in your head. And remember, you are the definition of awesome!