4Elementz: rap music, street dance, graffiti and DJing

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4Elementz is a specialist Hip Hop and Grime record label, which creates artist photography, music videos, events and clothing line. It also runs its own trainee work-experience programme for young people looking to getting in media and the music business.

Based in Camborne, Cornwall, and founded by Kelly Thorne, the combination of aspiration and creativity is reflected in its name: 4Elementz. Whether that’s 4Elementz Records or the 4Elementz Creative Media Work Programme, which offers up work experience plus some qualifications.

‘Our name relates to the four elements of Hip Hop culture which are; Rap music, Street Dance, Graffiti and DJing. Under the Hip Hop umbrella is DnB, Beat boxing, UK Grime music,’ says creative director Kelly on the Facebook page.

At the time of writing, its most recent project is 4Elementz presents – Its Our Time DVD, where MCs will be interviewed and do a short interview about themselves and their work.

4Elementz also provides video production as well as promotional photos and studio practice for artists.

For those looking for work experience in media, photography, videography, modelling, fashion, there’s the 4Elementz training programme. The rolling programme offers work experience placements in our busy media studio for up to eight weeks, and is ideal for those in education or on the JSA work programme.

If that’s not enough 4Elementz will be organising a equality and diversity festival this August at Heartlands, Cornwall, with loads of food, entertainment and music.

Check out the 4Elementz Facebook page or twitter feed to keep up with their developments.



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