Haunt the Woods

More than enigmatic heebie jeebies from contemporary folk band Haunt the Woods

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It may seem pretty obvious that a band called Haunt the Woods would have a somewhat haunting sound, but the electro-folk combo’s music goes a bit deeper than just giving you the heebyie jeebies.

There’s a familiarity to Haunt the Woods, as if their music is out of your past somewhere, but you just can’t place it. Like a long, lost invisible friend.

Members of the four-piece are: Jonathan Stafford on vocals, and guitar; Phoenix Elleschild on lead guitar, Vocals; Alex Skinner on bass guitar, and vocals; and Olly Bignell on percussion and vocals.

Notice how they are involved with the vocals? This makes up part of their unique sound with four-part vocal harmonies, which combine with their traditional and contemporary folk influences. Dare we say, another haunting part of the Haunt the Woods sound, and key complement to their emotional lyrics? We dare!

Coming from Cornwall and Devon, the band transports you to the rural – and urban – mystery of the surroundings they’re familiar with.

Check out their five-track Dust Over Summer EP (our favourite tune of the day is Sleep Walking).

You can catch up with more of their music on the site and follow them on Facebook.